The Scottish Government has made it a legal requirement for us to check customers' vaccine passports or negative test result on arrival to the club.


The door staff will ask to scan your vaccination passport at the same time they check your ID on entry, if you do not have proof of vaccination you will be required to show proof of a negative test result in the last 24 hours.


Proof of vaccination is accepted in the following forms: NHS paper copy, NHS Scotland app, NHS England app, proof of vaccination card from any other country.


Our aim is to ensure that Why Not is still accessible to all whilst complying with the legal requirements imposed by the Scottish Government.   We have answered some frequently asked questions below but message us if you need more information.



Frequently asked questions

When does this start from?

We are required to start the scheme tonight (Friday 1st October 2021) but this WILL NOT BE LEGALLY ENFORCED until Monday 18th October 2021. This means if you do not have the vaccine passport you will still be permitted entry to the venue. We ask all of our customers take steps to ensure they have the app before 18th of October so that you can still enjoy nights out at Why Not Nightclub

How do I get my vaccine passport QR code?

Just download the NHS Scotland Covid Status App using the links provided above on our website. Youc an also search "NHS Scotland Covid Status App" on the app store for Apple or Android.

I have only had 1 vaccine, will I still get in?

Yes, entry will still be permitted to those awaiting their second vaccine until the 18th of October.

I am medically exempt from the vaccine, will I still get in?

Yes, entry will still be permitted to those who are medically exempt. If you can bring proof of your exemption that would be helpful. Although this is not required until the 18th of October.

I didn't get my vaccine in Scotland so can't use the app.  What do I do?

If you have had both vaccines but in another country you can show door staff a picture of your certificate, card or app from another country.

I have a question that is not listed here how do I ask?

You are welcome to ask our staff on the night if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our very best to help you. Alternatively you can message us on instagram however please be aware that we may not be able to respond to every individual questions right away due to the volume of people trying to get in touch.


The Scottish Government have introduced this scheme.

We hope that this will make a difference and allow everyone to continue to enjoy nights out at Why Not Nightclub in the future. This is a new scheme so please be kind to our staff, security and management whilst try to impliment this into our entry policy.

We understand that some people may have questions or concerns about this and we kindly ask that you email these to We will make a list of any concerns and feed these back to the relevant authorities.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Scotland's best nightclub again soon.

What happens if the app isn't working but I've had both vaccines

You will still be able to get in for now. The two week "grace period" is to allow us to record any problems which will hopefully get fixed before 18th October.

How do I prove I have had a negative test result?

Please ensure your test has been carried out no longer than 24 hours before you arrive at the club.

If you have had a PCR test your will need to show your negative test result text or email which shows your name and date of birth.
If you have taken a lateral flow test at home please ensure you have scanned the QR code and entered your result online. You will be required to show confirmation of this result which also shows your name and date of birth.

Does the negative test result have to be a PCR or lateral flow?

Either a negative PCR test or a negative lateral flow test will be accepted? Please do not bring the physical lateral flow test with you, only the text/email confirming your test is negative.