Welcome to Edinburgh's best nightclub! Since opening our doors as the first nightclub on George Street's back in 1997 we have always endeavoured to be pioneers and continue to lead the way in terms of customer experience in the capital.

With five large cocktail bars, four luxurious dance floor party booths, Edinburgh's biggest outdoor late night garden and Scotland's only full LED room Why Not is the perfect setting for any occasion; birthday, graduation, staff party or just regular nights out. 

Since our refurbishment back in 2013 the club efforts have been recognised on a national level with ten awards from various events and sponsored by the likes of Red Bull and Grey Goose to name a few. 

We are great believers in innovation and whether its our custom made flashing Flare drinks (LED cups) or our stunning Las Vegas inspired VIP Vault room, there is always something new at our club.  We offer a wide range of premium spirits at the best prices in town.  We pour with Smirnoff vodka on student nights, Grey Goose on weekends. 

Our FREE mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. It is the best way to get on the guest list for any of our nights and find out the latest news on whats happening at the club.  Click here to download now.


What kind of ID do you accept?

We only accept valid, in date Passport or Driving License. This means no young scott card or any other form of ID.

What days are you open?

MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY however we are open for special events and other one off ocassions. Download our FREE mobile app to be the first to find out what events are happening at the club.

What time do you open?

The club is open from 10:30pm - 3am Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We open earlier for special occassions (freshers week, halloween, new year's eve). Check our website or the app for more information.

How do I get on the guestlist?

Easy, just visit our website and hit "Guestlist" from the menu. Fill out the form and add your name, this is automatically added to our guestlist.

The other way is to download our FREE mobile app from the app store and enter your details on the guestlist tab. This is also handy for future!

What do I get if I am on the guestlist?

Having your name on the guestlist basically gets you in for cheaper. The prices are different depending on what night you visit the club. PLEASE NOTE: Guestlist does not let you skip the queue! For that you need to book a table!

Why should I book a table?

Booking a table is the best way to enjoy your night out at Why Not.

Walk straight past the queue and let one of our hostesses know that you have booked a table. They will walk you inside and to your seats.
You will also have a dedicated waiter / waitress for the entire night who will bring drinks to your table (also saves you waiting at the bar). Finally, you get your own private area for the night with your friends, this is awesome when the club is busy.

So visit the table bookings page on our website and make the most of your night out at whynot.

Can I wear trainers?

You can wear trainers. Clean trainers preferred!

How much are drinks?

Drinks are cheaper on student nights. Mondays, shots are £1 and drinks are £1.50. Wednesdays, shots are £1.50 and drinks are £2. Fridays and Saturdays are a little more but still more affordable than a lot of our competition!

Who should I speak to if I need help?

Our staff and security are here to help you at all times. If you have any questions or worries please feel free to speak to any of our security and they can radio one of our managers.

How can I ask about lost property?

Our office is open during the day from 11am so you can call us directly on 0131 624 8633 or email info@wnclub.co.uk. You can also message us on facebook or instagram. We only keep items left behind and unclaimed for 2 weeks before logging them with the police or donating to charity shops.

What do I do if I have lost my cloakroom ticket?

Don't worry, as above, feel free to contact us and give us a description of your property. You may be required to produce photo ID to collect your property also.

How do I make a complaint?

We hope this never happens but the best thing to do is email info@wnclub.co.uk with all the information and we will investigate your complaint fully. Please allow us 24 hours to respond.